October 15, 2014

COURAGE – First Expert Workshop

A key component of the developing the COURAGE research agenda is the identification of stakeholder requirements through the acquisition of empirical data. Using a mixed methods approach, including a survey, a Delphi-like workshop process, and a number of focus groups the project aims to elicit key challenges, priorities, and themes from key stakeholder groups in the CC / CT domain in order to develop a holistic agenda for future research in the area. The event was planned and facilitated by Dr E. Lockley (SHU) and Detective Sergeant B. Kemp (WYP) bringing together Cyber related experts from a number of disciplines across Europe to discuss these challenges and priorities. Participant experts included leading Lawyers, former Police Chiefs and senior government officials. All partners from within the project contributed to and shared a bespoke questionnaire prior to the workshop. This data was used to form the basis of in-depth discussion on the respective areas. This pilot workshop took place in order to validate the methodology to be used throughout the workshop process in addition to providing a number of initial outputs. Subsequent workshops will be organised thematically, with separate events taking place to elicit requirements for the CC/CT agenda from experts from various sectors and backgrounds, including; Academia, Law and Ethics, Technology, Law Enforcement, Critical Infrastructure and Government. Further workshops are in the process of being organised to complete this process.