August 14, 2014

Help us define the EU research agenda for Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism

Are you an expert in Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism? Or are you working on the front lines combating Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism? We need your help to define the next EU research agenda for Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism. By becoming a stakeholder in COuRAGE you will be;

  • invited to expert stakeholder workshops
  • be able to influence the research agenda
  • network and meet other EU experts working in Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism.

What will a stakeholder be expected to do?
As a stakeholder, your input is important for us to complete our work. We will invite you to workshops where we will ask you to communicate your requirements for future research. And we will ask you to review our deliverables and outputs. We will also ask you to give your strategic guidance on the project’s direction.

Will I get any financial support?
We can support your travel and subsistence cost up to a reasonable amount to attend our workshops. But unfortunately we cannot pay for your time spent working on the project. We expect workshops to take one day and will be located in Brussels or neighbouring countries.

How do I sign up as a stakeholder?
By sending an email to;

And we will get back to you confirming your participation.